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May 22

Gerald Tarutis

Attorneys representing healthcare providers will see an increasing number of Physician Assistants. Demand for licensed Physician Assistants is expected to climb 38% by 2022, which translates into about 33,000 new Physician Assistant jobs in the coming years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics as reported by the US News & World Report who places Physician Assistants near the top of the US News Best Jobs list. read more

May 18

Tarutis & Brunstrom

Guardianships are intended to protect and support the welfare of those whose functional restrictions inhibit them from making their own decisions. read more

May 15

Gerald Tarutis

Increasingly there is an acknowledgement that current antibiotics are so prevalent that there has been an increase in antimicrobial resistance resulting in a loss of effectiveness. Experts in the field have previously warned that if this trend is not addressed, drug-resistant microbes could kill 10 million people a year worldwide by 2050, surpassing cancer, and cost $100 trillion in lost economic output. read more

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