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Sep 30

Gerald Tarutis

Same-sex couples fought long and hard to be granted the legal protections offered through marriage, which Washington State voters finally approved in 2012. Now, thousands of same-sex couples have taken advantage of their recently acknowledged constitutional right and for many couples this means it's time to start planning for their future. read more

Sep 28

Gerald Tarutis

Increasingly, criminal background checks are being legislated by the US Congress, state legislatures, regulatory agencies and employers. However, the nature of the background check, the accuracy and the utilization of the information is far from clear. read more

Sep 10

Gerald Tarutis

The World Health Organization (WHO) first established diagnostic coding with the 6th edition of a published classification of index of diseases, which was later reformatted to become the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). The 10th revision, or ICD-10, is effective October 1, 2015. read more

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