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Oct 02

Gerald Tarutis

Planning for the future can be difficult when you have a child or other relative with special needs. While you want to ensure their needs are met, you know that the special needs person cannot necessarily manage their own finances or assets and that your resources may not be enough to meet all of their needs. How do you plan so your loved one has access to the resources you want to gift on their behalf without disqualify them from needs based federal, state and county benefit programs upon which they depend for basic needs such as food and shelter? read more

Sep 30

Gerald Tarutis

Same-sex couples fought long and hard to be granted the legal protections offered through marriage, which Washington State voters finally approved in 2012. Now, thousands of same-sex couples have taken advantage of their recently acknowledged constitutional right and for many couples this means it's time to start planning for their future. read more

Aug 04

Tarutis & Brunstrom

A Last Will and Testament ("Will") is a legal document that directs to whom your property will pass to when you die. A trust is also a legal document created during life or as part of your Will, whereby an individual ("grantor") transfers ownership of property to a trust which is managed by an individual or fiduciary ("trustee") for the benefit of another individual ("beneficiary"). The document specifies the purpose of the trust along with the terms and conditions by which the assets are to be managed and ultimately distributed to the beneficiaries. read more

Jun 22

Tarutis & Brunstrom

To be appointed the Personal Representative of a person's estate can often be perceived as an overwhelming obligation, especially if you know nothing about what the appointment entails. Yet, in reality it is really not all that difficult and it gives you the opportunity to honor the deceased person by ensuring that his or her wishes are carried out as reflected in their Will. read more

Apr 28

Tarutis & Brunstrom

We all have heard the terms "will" and "trust," which most people think of synonymously. But there are significant differences between the two and knowing those differences will help you make the right decision when it comes time. read more

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